Here are two great programs available for home buyers.  Apply directly with the info below and be sure to discuss these options with your lender. 

GROW South Dakota



These services are for South Dakota residents, or those moving to South Dakota only.

 GROW South Dakota ‘s vision is to see sustainable communities through housing, community and economic development. Create an online account to start communicating with our team of professionals regarding home ownership programs, business lending programs, home improvement programs, or emergency services.

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605-225-HAPI (4274)

Toll Free: 888-224-4274

Housing Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

Currently, HAPI has a $3,500 Down Payment/Closing Cost non-forgivable loan for Brown County. This loan is paid back to HAPI interest-free at the time you sell your home, take a cash back refinance or transfer title.  Please contact HAPI for further details. Completion of HAPI’s Homebuyer Education course is required prior to closing.